Teeth lose the original enamel color and become yellow and stained with time. The time to time whitening of the teeth is a great solution to mask and remove the stains effectively. The procedure of teeth whitening at a dental clinic is expensive and time consuming, even with insurance claims.

However, the 3D Crest whitestrips Danmark are effective use at home solution for getting stain free teeth. The whitestrips are bleaching strips with low quantity of teeth friendly hydrogen peroxide. Upon application, it helps in eliminating the tough stains and protects the teeth from future staining.

  • High Quality and Enamel Friendly Whitening Products

One of the most effective products for whitening the teeth is Crest 3D whitestrips luxe and the products are designed for providing effective dental care and protection. The whitestrips are designed with innovative and advance technology to maintain overall oral hygiene. Each of the product from Crest is east to use with user instruction.

  • The crest 3d hvidestrimlerførogefterare 100% and approved by FDA along with the American dental association. This makes it safe, easy, and effective for providing great results.
  • The revolutionary toothpaste from Crest has 2-step system where it can be used on regular basis with properties of normal toothpaste along with added whitening effect.
  • The fluoride content in the toothpaste maximizes the oral hygiene and hence helps in preventing tooth decay.
  • The Køb crest whitening Strips shows impressive whitening effect just with 3 to 4 times of use everyday just for half an hour.


  • Easily Available and Affordable Teeth Whitening Products

The whitening strips from Crest are affordable and easily available across a range of both online and offline store. The 3D Crest whitestrips Danmarkare designed with advance GripFit technology that flexibly stretch the strips along the length of the teeth enamel.

The use of the crest 3D white strips luxe Danmarkis easy and as it stretches along the teeth; it stays even while drinking water or talking. The whitening strips from Crest gives a professional effects and acts like an eraser across the enamel, eliminating all the stains and yellowing.

The application of Crest 3D whitening Stripsgives a professional which lasts for around 12 months and it enables removal of tough and advance stains which are as old as 14 years. The advance seal technology helps in holding the strip to a place. It is perfectly suitable for all types of teeth and even sensitive enamel.