Nowadays, people are at their wits ends to whiten their teeth naturally. Hardly, someone prefers going for costly and painful treatments. With the advent of social media, you must be coming across numerous updates daily. Tooth whitening with activated charcoal is also among them.

What Activated Charcoal Actually is?

Similar to commonly used charcoal that is used for cooking barbeque, activated charcoal is used specifically for medical applications like natural teeth whitening. It is created by heating up the charcoal with the help of gas. Heating will help in creating large pores thus, enabling easy trapping of chemicals.

Traditionally, it is utilized for treating gas in the intestine, cholestasis and low level of cholesterol. Being odorless and tasteless, it can also be utilized for whitening teeth. It is readily available at pharmacies and health food stores. That too in the form of tablets!

Does Activated Charcoal Work for Teeth Whitening?

The pores of activated charcoal bind with the surface of teeth, thus making it easy to remove stains along with marks of plaques. After you have given at the most time of three minutes to the activated charcoal in the UK to stick to your teeth, it can be easily removed with the help of a brush.

At the time of washing, the mineral will take the plaque along with surface stains and food particles along with. In this manner, teeth whitening with charcoal succeed in the removal of marks from teeth.

For removing deep stains, drastic professional whitening measures like crest teeth whitening strips.

What Makes Activated Charcoal a Safe Choice for Whitening?

Being safe in terms of ingestion, you may use activated charcoal to whiten your teeth. For better results, you must avoid scrubbing off the same against the tooth surface. Grazing the tooth surface lightly and carefully will produce the best outcomes.

If you are having open wounds, abrasions and cuts; then going with crest 3D white strips under the supervision of your dentist will be a good idea. Seeing a dentist will prevent you from all types of side effects.

Is it Good to Brush Your Teeth after Rinsing out Activated Charcoal?

After rinsing your mouth several times thoroughly, the charcoal will get washed away. For a better outcome, you may go for brushing the teeth. It will give a refreshing feel to your mouth, thus preventing issues like bad breath. Also, the use of activated charcoal will remain a secret to all.

It has now become easy to whiten teeth and give others a bright smile, without undergoing a long procedure.