Tooth whitening is common. It helps remove unwanted stains from the enamel. It maintains the best oral health. Before you start using whitening strips, you have to get familiar with the general procedure. If using perfectly, you can expect the best results.

Go through instructions 

Not all types offer similar instructions and may vary from one product to another. Before using crest 3d white ensure you go through the instructions.

Collect details related to side effects. Proper use is important to results are best.

  • Misuse should be avoiding to expect instant results
  • Quality crest 3D white product results may vary in many cases
  • Instructions should strictly be following  to avoids side effects

Brush before application

Whitening strips may not offer complete hygiene. If you use the product early morning or late night, brushing is important.That helps eliminates plaque from the oral cavity. Brushing will also guarantee better results.

Before you apply the crest whitening strips, you should brush your teeth with regular toothpaste. Maintain a gap of an hour between brushing and application.

Remove excess fluoride

Fluoride rich toothpaste can leave fluoride traces in the oral cavity. This may prevent strip gel from penetrating the enamel coating. So before you apply paski crest supreme, you need to clean the oral cavity with water.

Strip preparation

Each type of strip needs different preparations. The instructions printed on the box should not be overlooking. Prepare the strips mentioned by the manufacturer. You have to apply gel evenly on the strips.

You can also buy paski wybielające bright white that do not need gel application. The strips are pre-coated with a gel solution. You can use these types directly without gel.

Apply evenly on the jawline

The strips have to be applied evenly on the jawline. This task requires a little bit of perfection. You need patience when applying the wybielanie zębów paski. Always ensure the completed jawline is in contact with the strip.

Use a napkin to dry

The moment you are applying whitening strips, you need to dry the surface. It is better to use a cotton napkin to dry the area. Always keep in mind that wybielanie zębów węglem strips may work effectively if applied in the right way.

The napkin will help in regulating saliva flow in the oral cavity. The strip should cover the entire jawline so the bleaching action is even.

Do not place the strip on the gum line. Follow a strict timeline when using whitening strips. Overuse will only offer side effects and a burning sensation. That should be avoiding.