Are you losing confidence with the stains and yellowing of the teeth? It is normal that with age and time, the enamel of the teeth tends to become yellow, stained due to food habits, caffeine intake or use of tobacco. Professional whitening strips are effective in removal of tough stains as old as 14 years.

Advance and Professional Grade Whitening of Teeth

Crest is one of the renowned brands for production of use at home whitening strips, toothpaste, gel etc. The Crest teeth whitening strips UK are thin strips formulated with safe level of hydrogen peroxide which provides bleaching effect and helps in gradually lightening the stain.

The Crest 3D whitening strips UK and its use tend to show great results with just 3 days of use. It successfully removes the surface stains and works like an eraser to remove stains. The package consists the instructions step by step for easy use at home.

Formulated and Designed with Advance Technology

The impact of the strips show full result in just 20 days with visible result with 3 days of use. Each of the pack consists of two strips – one for upper and lower teeth enamel. Dry the teeth before the application of the Crest teeth whitenin strips.

The strips are thin and the whitening gel is protected by a plastic cover. While applying on the teeth, remove the plastic cover and gently place it over teeth. Place the UK Crest strips gently on teeth, press it and seal on the teeth. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove the strips, gently brush off.

Impact and Benefit of Using the Whitening Strips

The whitening strips from Crest provide professional effect and gives outstanding impact that last for up to 12 months. Buy Crest whitening strips at affordable price and get professional grade whitening and cleaning of teeth at home.

  • The strips for Crest are designed with advance seal technology which makes the strip flexible, easy to mold into desired shape and easily comes off.
  • The GripFit technology offers no-slip grip of the Crest teeth whitening strips UK and prevents it coming off until taken off voluntarily after the required timing.
  • It effectively removes not only the surface level stains but the stains below the surface of the enamel to give incredible whitening results.
  • The Crest professional effectsare provided through the careful application of the thin strips for 30 minutes every day just for 20 days.