The application of toothpaste inclusive of activated carbon is becoming a popular trend. Such kinds of toothpaste are known for comprising numerous oral benefits.

In comparison to plain charcoal, activated charcoal is inclusive of an increased surface area. Its high adsorptive power makes it capable of removing unwanted substances from the tooth surface. This particular property makes the use of toothpaste manufactured using węgiel aktywny do wybielania zębów a conventional choice.

Use of Activated Carbon in Dentistry

Typically, activated carbon is derived from fine powder that is obtained from burnt pits of olive, shells of coconut, sawdust, bone char or coal. It is passed through the heat for altering the inner structure, thus making it porous.

Carbon having a negative charge has a high tendency for attracting stains and plaque from the tooth. This naturalne wybielanie zębów archives can attract compounds that are responsible for staining the teeth extrinsically. Because of the adsorbing nature, activated carbon can easily remove harmful components from the surface of teeth.

What are Some Amazing Benefits of Activated Carbon?

The adsorption property of activated carbon makes it best for teeth whitening. Though there are uncountable numbers of benefits, some of the highly remarkable ones include the following:

  • Helps in making teeth appear whiter – Extrinsic stains accumulate on the enamel of the tooth structure. It is the result of caffeine, smoking, wine and wrong food habit. With the help of activated carbon, it is possible to remove those stains painlessly.

As carbon does not seep inside the tooth surface, you may apply wybielanie zębów paski for removing internal stains. These strips will help in completing the whitening process.

  • Helps in removing long time accumulated plaque – Long-time accumulation of plaque results in coming out of a bad smell from the mouth. To get rid of such an unfavourable condition, the usage of activated carbon is preferred. As it gets easily bound with acidic components, the pH level of the oral cavity will see a rise.

Afterwards, the application of paski crest supreme will help in removing the remaining stains. Finally, you will be able to relief your teeth from the negative effects of plaque followed by getting rid of bad odour from the mouth.

As activated carbon is a bit abrasive, it is preferable to use crest 3D whitetoothpaste post its application. It will help in strengthening and rebuilding weak tooth enamel along with removing stains. That too within a short period!