Activated charcoal is widely used in teeth whitening gels and paste. Whitening strips also are charcoal-based. It is a trending ingredient. It is all-natural. Quality charcoal is prepared from a natural substance like coconut shell and wood.

  • It is used in the form of fine grains in gel and paste
  • You can buy aktivt kul til tandblegning in the form of strips
  • It is also available in the form of dry powder

In each case, the ingredient is highly absorbent type. It will treat stains and absorb toxins. In most cases, the products lack harmful chemicals.

Helps eliminate stains

Genuine quality aktivt kul til tandblegning product is tough on stains. The benefit here is that the ingredient will act best on superficial stains. The paste, gel, or strips that are charcoal-based, will easily absorb stains.

It is mild on the tooth coating but tough on stains. If you have discolored or stained teeth, you can use charcoal-based products.

Does not harm enamel

Charcoal is also hjemme tandblegning bedst i testproduct. For centuries it has been used as the main ingredient in home-made remedies. Even when using activated charcoal directly on your teeth, it is considered a safe-to-use product.

Charcoal is mild on the enamel of the tooth. When using charcoal-based products, you do not have to worry about damaged enamel.

Helps treat intrinsic stains

Some of the teeth stains may not be superficial. These are deep-seated or intrinsic types. They develop with time. In most cases, these stains may not be easy to treat with regular toothpaste. You can use charcoal-based tandblegning strips.

Charcoal is very much effective on intrinsic stains as well. It offers long term benefits. For treating tooth decay, activated charcoal is best.

Scientifically proven formula

Present time charcoal base teeth whitening products are advanced scientific formulation. This means that each product is lab tested. You can buy a genuine product like crest 3d white strips that are charcoal-based.

You don’t have to worry about the harsh effects of the ingredients on your teeth. There is evidence that these products work best.

Mild abrasive action

You can search for the best naturlig tandblegning paste or gel. If it’s charcoal-base it is mildly abrasive. The product will act on all types of stains. The results can be achieved in the long term. Harsh products always offer instant results. They can be damaging.

Fluoride base

When searching for tandblegning tilbudalways focus on fluoride-based products. They offer quality oral health and fresh breath as well.

Charcoal based whitening products are rich in fluoride as well. Your oral health is guaranteed.