Teeth-whitening is essential, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind in advance. You have to be mentally and physically prepared for using teeth whitening products.

  • Always go with reputable and tested systems only
  • Avoid compromising on quality and select the best crest 3d whitestrip
  • In certain health conditions, avoid using these products

There are a few conditions, where precautions are necessary. You may have to avoid using harsh products in certain situations.

Avoid using during pregnancy

In case you are expecting-mother, then there is no need for you to use these products. But before you select using crest 3d whitestrip you should consult your physician. Some products may have harmful chemicals that may not be good for your baby.

Avoid in case of damaged tissues

If you have damaged tissue in your oral cavity, then you should avoid using hydrogen peroxide rich teeth whitening products. Instead, you can opt for a kit blanchiment dentaire professionnel that is available only after recommendations.

You can get the condition inspected by your dentist before selecting any such system on your own.

Too young to use

If you are still having your baby tooth in your oral cavity, then using teeth whitening products may be damaging. Baby teeth are delicate and so no harsh products should be used to whiten them. Chemicals can damage natural enamel permanently. 

Dental works

If in recent times or near future you are planning for dental works, then using these products may never be advisable. During this time you should avoid using charbon dentas well. These products contain a certain amount of bleaching agents.

It can leave your enamel exposed for a certain period. So avoid using these products during your dental treatments.

If you are a kid

In most cases, till pre-teen age, you should avoid using these products. You can search for kids specific oral B 3d white paste or gel. Kids need something mild and effective. They don’t have to bleach for a longer time, their teeth are still sensitive.

Using harsh products can damage the teeth cavity completely.

If using antibiotics

In case you are under medications, dental products and kits should be avoided. You can still maintain hygiène bucco dentaire by using mild gel and toothpaste.

You have to ensure that the product you selected does not react with your medications. In some cases, the results can be damaging. Teeth whitening kits that re highly recommended should only be used. You should avoid experimenting with new products.