Are you scared of teeth whitening being an expensive affair? The traditional way of getting whiter and polished teeth is expensive and time consuming. It is also not convenient for everyone to visit a dentist. However, with the introduction of safe teeth whitening formulation, getting whiter teeth at home is easy.

Get Rid of the Yellowing and Stains

The teeth enamel tend to leave stubborn stains and yellowing of teeth. The naturling tandblegning products is easy cleaning of teeth at home. These products are non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals. The instructions for use is clearly written on the packet. This makes it easy to use the product at home.

  • The tandblegning stripsfor example, are formulated with mild bleaching agents. It helps in bleaching and hence removes stubborn stains.
  • There are different formulations in form of gel or toothpaste which are mild and perfect for regular use. The hjemme tandblegning bedst i testand remove stains naturally.
  • The microcrystals help in gentle foaming and removal of the stains. The formulation is mild and perfect for daily use.
  • The aktivt kul til tandblegningis an excellent natural product. The activated charcoal has a high absorbing capacity which absorbs toxins.

Use of Activated Charcoal as Whitening Ingredient

Most of the natural professionelt tandblegningssaetconsists of activated charcoal. It has a high adsorbent capacity which helps in gently removing the stains. It helps in adsorbing the discolorations present on the enamel and remove yellowing. It is easy to use charcoal powder while brushing.

The aktivt kul til tandblegning is one of the best ways to whiten the teeth. The easy to use toothbrush is infused in charcoal and it is easy and smooth to clean the teeth with the charcoal tooth bristles. It helps in getting rid of the surface stains.

Advanced Technology Based Whitening Products

The crest 3d white is developed with advanced GripFit Technology. The strips are flexible and stretch along the length of the enamel. This ensures it does not come off the teeth while drinking water or talking. A kit mostly consists pair of strips for the lower and the upper teeth.

The ekstrem tandblegningsgele with LED is very effective in breaking the stains and lightening. The mild bleaching helps in the quick removal of the stains and even provides advanced protection from future staining. The products and formulations are cost effective and easily available over the counter and online.