Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment for teeth but does not need to be expensive. The natural ingredient formulated products and whitening kits helps remove rigid and stubborn stains. It helps in gently lifting off the yellowing on the teeth enamel, eliminates toxins and prevents plaque buildup.

Painless and Effective Treatment for Teeth Whitening

The aktivt kol tänder help in removing stains and yellowing painlessly. The regular use of activated charcoal teeth whitening toothbrushes or gel helps in the effective removal of stains. It is 100% safe, organic, and non-toxic for the teeth. It acts as an adsorbent that removes and eliminates stains.

The activated carbon has a pore and hence it helps in trapping the toxins or particles. On using a product with activated charcoal, it gives naturlig tandblekning. The activated charcoal binds to the surface of plaques and discolorations and hence absorbs the particles that cause staining. It helps in getting rid of the discoloration across the teeth.

Whitening Teeth with Kits at Home for Whiter, Cleaner Teeth

There are many bleaching products that can be used at home.  These are affordable and readily available online and offline. The tandblekning hemma is easy and convenient with complete instructions written on the packets of the product. The whitening kits like gels or LED kits are effective.

  • The whitening strips are infused with hydrogen peroxide. It is a mild bleaching product that bleaches the stains and makes the teeth whiter.
  • The crest whitening strips are easy to use and mostly the treatment includes the use of the strips for 20 days, applying the strips for 30 minutes a day.
  • There are gel or toothpaste which are formulated with sodium perborate. It is a safer product that does not harm the enamel of the teeth and cleans efficiently.
  • The aktivt kol tänder are available in form of powder or gel or toothpaste and these kits are quite effective.

These products are safe to use, approved by dentist, and does not cost a lot like getting the clean-up and whitening done in a clinic. There are shade guides available with the package and hence it is convenient to determine the shade of the teeth after whitening.

Affordable and Quick Method for Whitening of the Teeth

The tandblekningsmedel are mostly used in 7 to 14-day teeth whitening kits and after the completion of the home-based treatment, it helps in gradual whitening. The LED light helps in the breakdown of the stains and removes them for whiter, brighter teeth.