There are many natural ingredients that are formulated into toothpaste, powder, or gel for whitening teeth at the comfort of home. This does not have to be expensive or frequent dentist’s visit. There are tons of natural whitening tooth products that can be used at home with full instructions on it.

How do Natural Whitening Products work for Teeth?

There are different types of naturlig tandblegning products and one of the most commonly used one is formulated with help of activated charcoal. Charcoal has been used on teeth as a whitening product since ancient times. As soon as the activated charcoal rubs on the teeth help in absorbing the toxins and stains.

  • The crest 3d white strips are used for removing tough stains as old as 14 years. These strips are stretched along the teeth to remove the stain.
  • The sodium perborate in some products acts as an activated oxygen molecule. It is activated on the teeth and helps in the gentle removal of stains.
  • LED-based whitening products help in removing stain after the oxygen molecule is activated on being exposed to LED.
  • The tandblegning hjemme is made easy with different chemical-free and easy to use formulation which helps in gently lifting the stains.

Using the natural teeth whitening Kit at Home

The best part of these products is they can be used at home. They are available as either a 7-days or 1-month whitening kit. The products are free of harsh chemicals which means it prevents enamel damage and reduces tooth sensitivity and damage to the gum.