The home-use whitening kits for teeth are handy, easy to use, and convenient. Over the years due to consumption of beverages, different food, and smoking, yellowing of the enamel of teeth is quite common. The stained teeth look bad, reduce confidence, and stop one from smiling wide mouth.

The kit branqueamento dentario used at home is designed with advanced whitening technology. The natural ingredient-rich whitening toothpaste gradually removes the stains. Regular use not only offers brilliance in terms of whiteness but protection from stain, plaque, and protect gum.

  • Safe and Yet Effective Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide Enriched Strips

The whitening strips from Crest and Oral B are formulated with hydrogen peroxide. These strips are thin, consist of a safe amount of hydrogen peroxide which bleaches the stains and acts as a stain eraser on the teeth. The no-slip strips, effectively reduce the stain and make shade light in just 2 weeks.

The tooth whitening kit is suitable for all types of teeth ranging from sensitive to normal. The strips with their regular use for only 30 minutes helps in gently eliminating the stain. The advanced FlexFit technology ensures the strips are conveniently stretched over the teeth.

  • Use at Home Whitening Kit for Affordable Stain Removal

The LED-based kits are mostly used for a week which helps in effectively whitening teeth. The strips are equipped with advanced seal technology which ensures the strip stays on the enamel while drinking water or eating food. The hydrogen peroxide is safe for enamel and does not cause any adverse impact.

  • The teeth whitener is available in different types like toothpaste, whitening gel, ready-to-use strips, activated charcoal-based products, etc.
  • The activated charcoal toothpaste and gel helps in removing plaques and stains and leave fresh, clean, whitened teeth.
  • The charcoal whitening kit has added activated charcoal. It has high adsorption power and hence it is known to absorb toxins and stains providing long-lasting results.
  • The bleaching price is low with high-grade and safe products like activated charcoal enriched bleach or strips infused with a layer of hydrogen peroxide.

The pasta de dentes branqueadora consists of micro-crystals along with components like activated charcoal or sodium perborate which help with regular cleaning of the teeth. The use at home is not only effective but quite affordable and hence it does not compare to the exorbitant and expensive treatment at dental clinics.